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Monday, September 7, 2015

BBQ Breakfast Sushi

Well Hello Bloggers!
 Sure has been way too long since i have created a new post. The Whyldfire BBQ Crew & I have been so busy over past few months with fairs and festivals... its been forever since i have slowed down and done a little cooking for my family. Postings on social media have been over the top with BBQ recipes so i thought i`d share one that i tried today.
With the literal explosion of bacon recipes everywhere i`m not surprise to have found another one.
So here goes it...

First off we have to make whats called a Bacon Weave.

Lay strips of thick cut bacon on a tray or table, weave every other strip till you have some thing that looks like the above picture. Simple really if you ask your girl friend or in my case my lovely wife Doreen. Face it guys women make this task go real fast and easy... LOL

Next thaw out some Tator Tots... about 20 or so. Or do like i did and defrost in the microwave in a medium sized bowl and mash or break up the Tots. Finely chop a couple of tablespoons of onion & green peppers and add these to the bowl. And add one large egg and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix this concoction all up with a fork.

Next spoon and smooth the Tot mix onto the Bacon Weave evenly... staying away from the edges as shown in the following picture.

Carefully roll up your weave using a spatula or some other such useful kitchen utensil. When you roll it up make sure the end of the weave is on the bottom of the log. This will help hold the weave together while cooking. And you'll end up with something that looks like mine in this next picture.

 I added a handful of shredded cheddar cheese but forgot to snap a picture of this step... sorry. I imagine one can add all different kinds of breakfast like ingredients to this weave. But i thought i`d keep it simple for me and the wife. The egg from the previous step above acts as a binder and the cheese also helps stick this mix together. I cooked this "roll" on my medium sized Big Green Egg and tossed a couple of cups of apple wood chips on the coals for smoke flavor. I set the dampers to maintain 275 degree cooker temp for 2 - 2 1/2 hours or till the bacon was cooked and the internal temp read at least 165 degrees.

I also made a couple three mini rolls with the leftover Bacon and Tot mix. What you`ll end up with is a Jumbo sushi log that will slice and stay together just like the finest Sushi you have seen.

Best thing is....  Its "BBQ"!!!  The smoky bacon, the breakfast flavors of the egg, tator tots and cheese... Awwh man...  its just too good to describe! You have to try it for yourself. I`m sure if you don't have a smoker or grill this can be done in your oven also. Although it wont be as good... give it a try anyway. Who knows it might be better.

  Oh one other thing that goes pretty good with this dish is a big ole cup of some the that there Foo Foo Coffee everyone is drinking these days. My wife made me a mocha-loco-latte something or other. Mmmmm Not bad kinda chocolaty good!
Well folks thanks for checking up on my latest "BBQ Adventure". Till we meet again Happy Q`in to ya!