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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Grill

Saturday (5/22) afternoon i put together my new grill. I purchased a 4x6 foot trailer to mount it on. Made some short legs so i can remover the grill and still be able to haul other catering supplies if needed. I decided WFBBQ needs a bigger grill for vending situations. It sure is kinda hard to grill a case of chicken legs on a 2x3 foot grill, after all bigger is better.
Here is a paragraph from my business website that explains more about it...
"The Crown Verity BM-60 Charcoal Grill is a commercial grade portable charcoal grill flatbed with 1440 sq in of cooking space. A professional grill that gives your food the slow-grilled flavor your family, friends will love. It has an expansive grilling area so we can cook for dozens or even a hundred of your closest friends & family!
We can serve your guests top-quality grilled food using the Crown Verity BM-60 Bar-b-que Grill. Made from 14 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, with heavy-duty nickel-plated cooking grates and a high heat enamel finish. Also a height-adjustable grate so as not to burn your food. We mounted this fine grill on a mobile trailer so we can bring the bar-b-que to you! Burgers, Hot Dogs, Brats, Chicken or Steaks you name it we can grill it"!
This new addition to our equipment list should do the trick! Yes folks there you have it another shamless plug for my catering/vending business.
Anyway thanks for checking in on us!