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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello Bloggers!
Time for another recipe. This one was originally posted on one of the BBQ forums as "Turtle Eggs" but i added some ingredients and changed the name to "Goose Eggs" mostly because i made them a bit larger than the original recipe . I smoke/cooked these on my Medium Big Green Egg in preparation for a BGE fest that we will be competing in. This recipe should be enough for a dozen eggs.
Lets get started shall we....
Goose Eggs

2 lbs - Breakfast Sausage*, divided into 12 egg sized balls*
1/2 cup - softened cream cheese
1/2 cup - shredded Cheddar cheese*
2 tbsp - sour cream*
2 tbsp - jalapenos & bell pepper mix, de-seeded and finely diced
2 tbsp - Whyldfire Bar-B-Que All Purpose Original dry rub available at Smok`n Buddies Grills & Gear or Lou’s Thriftway in Norfolk Ne.

1. Preheat smoker for indirect cooking to 225-250 degrees.
2. Mix the cream cheese; sour cream, cheese & pepper mix together.
3. Place about 1 tsp of the cheese mixture on each flattened piece of sausage. Pull up the edges of the sausage and seal; forming it into a round egg sized ball.
4. Season your eggs with BBQ rub.
5. Add a chunk or two of apple or cherry smoking wood to your cooker, load eggs on the grates.
6. Smoke/cook the eggs for about 90 minutes or to 165 degree internal temp.

* I added sour cream for a twist.
* You can sub any cheese of your liking.
* Use a sausage of fattier content such as jimmy dean brand or egg will not hold together.   Do not to over fill eggs.

               Now don`t these look just yummy!

Great as an appetizer, snack or for breakfast. The other snack i am planning on cooking for this years Egg Fest is called "Chickeroni Bites" but you`ll have to wait for this recipe cause i think it`s a winner. Don't want to give away all my secrets just yet.

Thanks for checking out my latest "BBQ Adventures"